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The world’s leading single platform, Digital Signage and IPTV solution



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Digital Signage | IP Television | Video Streaming | Touchscreen | EPOS Integration | Video Walls


Digital Signage,IPTV and Room Booking System  is an integral part of daily lives offering an experience of visiting modern-day business, welcoming visitors, communications and creating an ideal situationthat is beneficial to a forward thinking and innovative business. With Triplescreen’s Digital Signage platform a business can integrate control to those who need it, offering them opportunity to alter only what they need to and ensuring business standards are met

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Retail has significantly become the biggest beneficiary of digital signage; driven by a need to compete on modern shopping trends like online shopping, retailers desire to remain modern. Delivering animated posters, interactive displays and engaging experiences is what retail outlets are now looking to deploy, and Tripleplescreen’scentrally managed platform enables exactly that.

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Digital menu boards- Deliver live pricing, availability and visually impacting menus. Fast food restaurants, specifically those located in food courts, have to compete for business in an environment cluttered with advertising. Installing digital signage solutions, such as menu boards, can entice customers to select a specific restaurant based on the appetising images shown and the attractiveness of the content displayed.



Triplescreen’s Digital Media Platform comes complete with its own enterprise grade Digital Signage solution, with fully integrated IPTV. Allowing the distribution of communications, timetables, emergency and PR messaging as well as entertainment, lecture streams or public addresses. Triple Sign Digital Signage is a standalone solution but also an enhancement to our Media Delivery Platform



Exposes guests to unlimited channels enabling them to access live streaming, movies and latest series of content. 

Easy manipulation by forwarding, rewinding pausing or recording depending on your desire. 

Provide hotel services integrated in the system like available menu, reservations, hotel spa and room service 

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Enterprise video and media delivery has become more mission critical than ever within the enterprise, finance and banking industries. The need to deliver corporate messaging, compliance training, live financial data, news and business intelligence has become of paramount importance in their day to day workings; with visual media the quickest way to get a message across. 

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Soluation available :

Digital Signage (DS)

IP Television (IPTV)

Room Booking System (RBS)

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